Compressed Air Filters

Commonly known as 'Line Filters', Compressed Air filters are used to remove traces of      contaminants from compressed air to reduce the concentration of contaminants like water and oils, from the air leaving the piston compressor or screws. It is often employed in conjunction with a 'regulator' and an oil apparatus called 'Oiler' , and the whole assembly is then referred to as an 'Air Set'. They generally use a two step cycle of filtration, the first one involves coalescing the minute particulate matter to form a bigger particle, which allows water to condense into large droplets that easily trickle down the pipes into the drainage system with a 95% efficiency.

  • Highly efficient mechanism that weeds out majority of contaminants
  • Low electrical energy consumption
  • High output
  • Hassle free operation, requiring less maintenance and upkeep.

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